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 ASAO, the first of its kind!


ASAO is a groundbreaking social enterprise dedicated to transforming the lives of Ayitian artists and beyond. We are on a mission to create prosperity, peace, and positive change in the lives of these artists and their communities. To achieve this vision, we are seeking visionary investors who share our passion for the transformative power of art.


Investing in ASAO offers a unique opportunity for financial growth and success. As we provide artists with a global platform, their remarkable talent will attract art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world, leading to potential returns on your investment. By supporting ASAO, you are not only contributing to positive social impact but also positioning yourself in a thriving and lucrative art market.

Your support will help launch our online platform, connecting artists with a global audience and contributing to the cultural recognition of Ayitian art worldwide. Additionally, we will be able to establish rigorous curation, robust shipping and supply chain logistics, acquire essential equipment, and hire competent staff to enhance our outreach and amplify our social impact.


Join us in this inspiring journey, where art transforms lives and ignites positive change – invest in ASAO today!


+509 3661 3668


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