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Adopter highlight: WWW.RONE.ART

Armory show video highlights

Last weekend, the .ART team attended the Armoury show in NYC, having spotted a whole bunch of .ART adopters there! Check out .ArtInstagram account for the latest video snippets from Galerie Oniris (, Nara Roesler Gallery (, K Art Gallery ( and others! // Monday will mark the Birthday of Mark Rothko, so I leave you with a quote of his to reflect on:

“While the authority of the doctor or plumber is never questioned, everyone deems himself a good judge and an adequate arbiter of what a work of art should be and how it should be done”.

Rone Statement:

The amazing space that I’ve been given access to for my latest work, Time, was long thought lost. I had never seen it before but had always known about it. It’s one of those urban legends of Melbourne, that there’s this hidden ballroom at the top of Flinders Street Station. When I go into abandoned spaces, it’s what’s left behind that tells the story. This space tells a million stories. The third floor of the station building was a hive of activity for decades, a communal space for railway workers. There was a ballroom up here, as many people know; there were also sporting clubs, wrestling matches, a billiards room, and an amateur radio station. Adult education classes taught everything from English language to wine appreciation. During the 1970s the space housed a sauna, and at one point there was even a running track on the roof. And not far from here, in Flinders Lane, the city’s rag trade thrived after the Second World War. My grandmother worked in a factory there. These stories are still there, if you look hard enough. Read more on Rone art!

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