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Community unites as ASAO supports artists fleeing gang violence.

Pétion-ville, Haiti, October 15, 2023 – In a show of solidarity, ASAO (Ayiti Stellar Artist Offers) has secured remarkable assistance to support Carrefour Feuilles artists who were brutally displaced from their communities. Targeted by gang violence and forced to leave their homes and workshops in ruins, these artists now experience a glimmer of hope and recovery thanks to the unwavering support they have received.

Carrefour Feuilles artists, known for their expressive and moving works, faced a painful reality as gang-related violence engulfed their community. Their homes, once a sanctuary of creativity, were destroyed and their workshops burned to the ground, leaving them homeless, jobless and discouraged.

Moved by their plight, ASAO, a dynamic organization dedicated to promoting Ayitian artists and improving their living conditions, called on its vast network of supporters. The response was swift and impactful, demonstrating the resilience and unity within the arts community.

Valeska Maurice, President of ASAO, expressed her gratitude to the artists and supporters who rallied to their cause: “This achievement highlights the strength and dedication of Ayitian artists and their allies. It illustrates the profound impact of ASAO's mission to advance Ayitian art and promote the socio-economic well-being of its artists.

However, the journey of the displaced artists at Carrefour Feuilles is far from over. Additionally, many other artist communities, including those in Bel-Air, Downtown, near the Port-au-Prince cemetery, Noailles and others, have faced similar challenges and are now in need of our immediate support. They remain homeless, their studios are in ruins and their hopes rest on the promise of better living conditions, essential materials and an opportunity to restart their artistic activities.

In the spirit of solidarity, ASAO calls on individuals, organizations and the community at large to continue their support, at all levels, to help these artists rebuild their lives and livelihoods. The donations collected by ASAO will play a central role in helping these artists rebuild their lives, providing them with materials and a safe haven for their creative activities. This is a testament to our communities’ unwavering commitment to supporting Ayitian artists, not only by selling their art, but also by being a catalyst for resilience and resistance, spreading hope and solidarity.

Get involved with ASAO for a better future for Ayitian artists. Let’s prove that art can heal, unite and inspire lasting change in Ayiti.

Contact us:

Valeska Maurice

Call: +509 3661 3668

WhatsApp: +81 90 6290 9554

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