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The Story behind the Rebranding Process of ASAO

When I embarked on this journey, it was the street artists who served as my initial inspiration. That's why ASAO's acronym was initially defined as Ayiti Street Art Offers. However, as I delved deeper into our mission, I realized that placing the individual artist before the artwork itself would humanize the creative process and provide a direct link to the creators. This led to the evolution of ASAO into Ayiti Street Artist Offers.

As I further explored the challenges faced by artist communities, a striking revelation emerged: even accomplished Ayitian artists, recognized on a global scale, faced with security and socio-economic issues similar to those faced by street artists, with zero support from both the state and the private sector. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and fairness, I decided that cutting them out of our vision and mission would be unjust. Therefore, we expanded our scope to feature all artists, ensuring that our efforts encompassed the entirety of the Ayitian artist community's challenges.

In conversations with various art centers that mentor and train artists, a recurring issue emerged – the lack of recognition for Ayitian art and artists on the global stage. This realization fueled our determination to contribute significantly to enhancing the global recognition of Ayitian art. To address this, we honed in on the vital task of standardizing Ayitian art.

The culmination of these considerations led to the rebirth of ASAO as a comprehensive and robust brand: Ayiti Stellar Artist Offers. "Artist" symbolizes our commitment to highlighting the individual behind the art, while "stellar" underscores our dedication to aiding our artists in creating exceptional artworks that undergo meticulous curation before being showcased on our platform and adressing their socio-economic challenges.

ASAO's transformation into Ayiti Stellar Artist Offers embodies a holistic approach, embracing the individual artist, fostering inclusivity, enhancing recognition, and setting the standard for exceptional Ayitian art. This new chapter represents a collective effort to elevate Ayitian artistry to the global stage while ensuring prosperity, unity, and creative excellence for all artists.

Valeska Maurice Founder & CEO ASAO (Ayiti Stellar Artist Offers)

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