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‘Where to invest $1 Million’ Series - How To Invest In Art: The Top-Performing Collectable Asset

In Bloomberg’s recent article, from their hypothetical ‘Where to invest $1 Million’ series, Robert Arnnott, co-founder of Research Affiliates, advocating for art as a valuable alternative asset stated: “With a modest slice of your $1 million, you can get a pretty good portfolio of limited edition lithographs for four- to five-digit prices and they are fun and hilarious to look at.” Yet, collecting art is not only for UHNWI as accessibly priced prints and multiples are a profitable segment of the market. They are also a comparable market - meaning the works come with comparative price points for other works in the same series. Click to read more.

Thanks to the status of many blue-chip artists as adept printmakers, owning an original artwork can be accomplished on a more modest budget. Modern and Post-War and Contemporary art are the most profitable and stable genres in the art market today, accounting for a combined share of 77% of the global fine art auction market in 2021 (according to Art Basel’s 2022 Art Market report with UBS).

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