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Benito Mendes

Co-Founder, Treasurer

Benito Junior Mendes is a seasoned expert in business strategy and finance, boasting extensive experience in both the wholesale and retail sectors. As a co-founder with a proven track record, I have been deeply involved in the world of business and construction.

My role is defined by its adaptability, as I thrive in environments with high levels of ambiguity. I have cultivated ever-evolving relationships with crucial stakeholders and have adapted to frequent changes in project scopes.

In my executive capacity, I've come to realize that success hinges on a comprehensive understanding of each department within a company. I've taken on the responsibility of overseeing a multitude of projects to help our organization reach its full potential.

Additionally, I am a dedicated business development professional proficient in sales, adept at managing customer relationships, and skilled in driving business growth.

Benito Mendes
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