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Christine Laraque

Co-Founder, Marketing & Promotion Lead

Christine Laraque, an architect and designer with a background in urban planning, originates from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. During her university years, she founded Inventive House, a software training company that provided students and professors with the latest technological tools in architecture and graphic design.

She also led tourism development projects. Christine is a co-founder of Ateliers Co-Lab, an architectural firm where she oversees major projects. As a former general secretary and active member of the CNIAH, the National College of Haitian Engineers and Architects, and a founding member of Kafou Lespwa, a social laboratory, she dedicates her efforts to the transformation of Haitian society.

Her involvement in various other professional and social organizations further underscores her ongoing commitment to progress and positive change. In 2022, Christine co-founded

Since Eve, the first legally registered Web3 company in the Caribbean, utilizing blockchain technology to advance equal opportunities and sustainable development projects.

Christine`s core values of Create, Share, and Contribute guide her work, enabling her to ask the right questions and leverage the best tools to co-create a better societyfor a brighter future.

Christine Laraque
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