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Farah Doura

Co-Founder, Secretary

I have a diverse background that blends management and merchandising education from New York with a fascinating journey into the realms of communication, linguistics, and travel writing in Haiti. Surrounded by a vibrant community of artists, I've had the privilege of exploring the multifaceted world of the arts, igniting a passion for projects that celebrate creativity.

My experiences include a rewarding role as a media coordinator with a renowned foundation, where I've proven my ability to excel as both a team player and an independent contributor. I'm known for my innovative approach to work, ensuring sustained efficiency throughout my career, thanks to my robust analytical skills that keep me grounded in practicality and results.

I've had the privilege of collaborating with leading communication companies, finding immense satisfaction in the creative process of brainstorming and turning ideas into reality. My unwavering focus on achieving set goals in the most practical and efficient manner has been a hallmark of my professional journey, blending the art of communication with a solid foundation in management.

Farah Doura
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