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Me. Aline Nathalie Wakam Cyprien

Co-Founder, Legal Advisor & Lawyer

Nathalie Wakam Cyprien is a renowned lawyer, specializing in business law, international and national adoption, as well as corporate and organizational law in general. She is co-founder of the prestigious International Business Firm, Cyprien Wakam et Associés, where she has exercised her legal skills with excellence for many years.

In addition to her practice within her firm, Nathalie Wakam Cyprien plays an essential role as an arbitrator and mediator at the CCAH (Haiti Chamber of Commerce and Arbitration) and as a conciliator at the ICSID (International Center for Settlement). Disputes Relating to World Bank Investments). Her skills in mediation and arbitration are widely recognized, and she has helped resolve numerous complex disputes fairly and efficiently.

Nathalie Wakam Cyprien is passionate about law and is actively engaged in promoting justice and professional ethics within the legal community. She is a respected attorney sought after for her legal acumen, integrity and commitment to her clients. Her remarkable career and unwavering dedication to defending her clients' interests make her a leading figure in the field of business law and international and domestic adoption.

Nathalie Wakam Cyprien continues to inspire and contribute significantly to the legal world, as a professor, while being an essential reference for those seeking advice and representation in complex legal matters.

Me. Aline Nathalie Wakam Cyprien
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