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Sanba Zile (Jael Auguste)

Co-Founder, Artist Community Representative

Known as both a multi-instrumentalist and an accomplished producer, possesses an unwavering passion for music that transcends genres, ranging from classical music to the vibrant tapestry of modern Afro-themed Genres. His educational journey took him through Miami Dade College, where he earned a degree in Music Business Production, and he further honed his skills through conservatory programs at Florida International University and Lynn Conservatory.

In the initial stages of his musical career, Jael graced South Florida stages as a Classical Double Bassist, contributing his talents to the Miami Symphony Orchestra. However, in 2013, his path led him to Haiti, where he immersed himself in the rich traditions of Vodou, assuming the role of a Sanba. Here, he dedicates himself to mastering Hatian Vodou Drumming and exploring the diverse array of traditional Haitian sounds deeply rooted in West African heritage. 

During his tenure as a producer at Baoli Records, under the guidance of Carl-Frederick Behrmann, Jael lent his creative touch to renowned artists such as J Perry, BelO, Kanis, Mikaben, and the Grammy-nominated group Boukman Eksperyans. Currently, he actively collaborates with several artists in the "Mizik Rasin" music movement, which draws inspiration from Vodou and Haitian Folklore, cleverly weaving these elements into contemporary Haitian rhythms.

Known to many as Sanba Zile, Jael aspires to harness the transcendent power of Haitian music to inspire unity and collaboration, particularly amidst the complex political climate in his homeland.

Moreover, he dedicates his expertise in music production to communities across Haiti, diligently nurturing young talents and helping them immortalize their musical gifts.

Sanba Zile (Jael Auguste)
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