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Valeska Maurice

Founder, President & CEO

Valeska Maurice Agbara Yâ Toya is a Ayitian businesswoman, entrepreneur, and socio-political activist committed to promoting art, culture, and peace in Ayiiti. She is notably the founder and CEO of ASAO (Ayiti Stellar Artist Offerings), an organization dedicated to creating prosperity and peace through art in Ayiti.

Valeska acquired a strong international education, reinforcing her commitment to peace and international cooperation. She obtained a post-graduate diploma in Social Innovation from the United Nations University for Peace, demonstrating her desire to understand the mechanisms of social change and positive transformation.

Her academic studies also took her to the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, where she earned a master's degree in International Studies, specializing in Peace and Conflict Studies, International Relations, and Cooperation. She also completed a bachelor's degree in International Liberal Studies, focusing on Governance and Sustainable Development at Waseda University.

In addition to her academic commitment, Valeska is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Haitian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, where she helps support local crafts and profession in the country. She is also a member of the Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration of Haiti (CCAH), thus participating in the alternative resolution of commercial disputes in the country.

Within ASAO, Valeska Maurice Agbara Yâ Toya embodies the organization's vision to promote Ayitian culture and support local artists, while contributing to the enrichment of Ayitian society. She is an example of moral leadership and commitment to sustainable development, determined to make a positive difference in Ayiti and around the world.

WhatsApp: +81 90 6290 9554

Valeska Maurice
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