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Art for Peace Community Collaborations: Fostering Harmony through Art

This project engages Aytian artists and artisans and their comunities in using their creative skills to promote peace within their communities. We collaborate with local and international organizations and community leaders to identify areas of tension or conflict. We organize workshops where artists from different backgrounds come together to create collaborative artworks that reflect themes of unity, diversity, and peace as well as where they acquire peacebuilding and consolidation skills. Through the activities of this project we seek to spark peace conversations and inspire positive change amongst the artists and their communities.

Project Activity (1):

Laboratory Art for Peace ASAO -ASART / Workshop

Based in Costa-Rica, ASART leads a remarkable mission to create opportunities for peaceful coexistence, sustainable development, and conflict transformation through art. On the other hand, the vision of the ASAO Association is focused on creating prosperity and peace in Ayiti through art. This synergy of values has led to the exploration of strategic collaboration for peace.

Workshop Description

Learning space on the theoretical and practical foundations of intermodal theory of expressive arts in therapy, counseling, education, and social change contexts.

First students will follow individual and collective creative processes through the arts, then they will proceed to study the theoretical and practical bases of the expressive arts.


The expressive arts are based on the idea of poiesis, which is the human capacity to form the world. Their perspective of this field of study draws on phenomenological philosophy and anthropological vision of the self-determined human being and his social responsibility or commitment. Recognizing the various problems and conflicts that in current times are becoming more acute every day, and therefore, it is important to develop creativity to find both individual and collective solutions. That is why the expressive arts focus on resources and solutions.

The workshop offers intermodal approach with different artistic disciplines to learn about the practical possibilities of this field of study. Likewise, participants are offered a methodology where they can put it into practice and expand their toolbox, adapting the proposals to their areas of professional practice. The design of these practices is “low skill and high sensitivity”. We seek, through sensitivity and play, to touch the emotional reality of the participants and enter the world of imagination in the search of new discoveries that emerge from the creative process. Expressive arts are applied in the health sector, psychotherapy, coaching and counseling, education, conflict transformation and peacebuilding.


  1. To go through different artistic experiences that allow you to personally understand the principles that support the proposal of expressive arts in therapeutic, educational and community work contexts.

  2. To actively participate in a space for reflection on principles and work practices with some people and groups in the expressive arts to learn about the concepts and theoretical framework that supports this area of work and research.

  3. To introduce students to new research methodologies to learn about other possibilities of interaction between work, creation and personal and professional research.


  • Course modality: In person and Online - Zoom Platform.

  • Total hours : 3hours

  • Date: December 16th, 2023

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