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Welcome to ASAO's Impact Page, where we showcase the profound influence of carefully curated art on Ayitian artist communities.


Through our global platform, we empower artists to thrive, promoting economic growth and social transformation. Witness how ASAO's initiatives create lasting prosperity and peace, leaving a positive and lasting mark on lives and communities.



Growth in number of artists

From humble beginnings with just 3 artists on December 26th, 2022, ASAO has grown exponentially to register 51 talented artists relations on august 5th, to 101 by the end of the month.


We seek to reach a minimum of 500 artists in 3 years.


Proven interests in our artists` artwork

Since going live on July 20th 2023 and despite the website being under construction and random pricing set at $5000 and with no advertisement, marketing or promotion,


analytics indicate that since July 20th 2023 close to 40 visitors attempted to make purchases.

art buyer.jpg
Business growth.jpg


Daily growth in visitors numbers

Since going live on July 20th 2023, prior to any advertiising, marketing and advertising efforts more than 3000 visits.


Visitors come from diverse locations, with 58% from the U.S., 34% from Ayiti, and others from countries like Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, and more. (ref: ASAO website analytics app. page)


Increased Number in ASAO`s Meeting

ASAO's public meetings, which began in June, initially attracted 4-5 participants per meeting.


As of August 5th 2023, we are proud to announce that our meetings now bring together over 30 participants, including artist community representatives, potential investors, partners, and staff, demonstrating the remarkable growth and interest in our mission.

Today august 24th 2023, the association of ASAO governance structure is in place supported by a strategic board of executives ensuring the success of our vision and mission in the artist communities.

Growing partners.png


Growth of strategic partnerships:

 Today, ASAO has developed strategic partnerships with renowned organizations such as the United Nations-mandated University for Peace (UPeace Center for Executive Education), ASART,  SinceEve, and the English company devlopper of the domain .Art.


In addition, we are in the process of finalizing promising partnerships with the Henry Christophe campus of the State University of Haiti in Limonade and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Education. Artmoves, a company specializing in the logistics and delivery chain of artwork, has officially expressed its interest in becoming a partner of ASAO.

 These strategic alliances aim to create a strong ecosystem that will allow us to successfully reach our mission.


ASAO Backs Displaced Artists Vicitms of Gang Violence

In an exceptional show of solidarity, ASAO (Ayiti Stellar Artist Offers) has secured a remarkable aid to support artists from Carrefour Feuilles who have been brutally displaced from their communities. Targeted by gang violence that left their homes and workshops in ruins, these artists are now experiencing a glimmer of hope and recovery thanks to the unwavering support they have received.

In the spirit of solidarity, ASAO invites individuals, organizations, and the community at large to continue their support, in whatever capacity they can, to help these artists rebuild their lives and their livelihoods.

Artist carrefour feuille Flyer (1).png








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Brush Strokes

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